Over the past couple posts we’ve asked some big questions. The kind of questions that take time to think through. The Kind of questions that must steep. The kind of questions that point to the idea that you are important because you are shaping and creating the future.

We’ve asked … Are you strong enough to wonder? Are you bold enough to bend the future? So let’s wrap up this train of thought with one last post here.  If we are told through the Bible that we will do things greater than Jesus and we take a look at the scope and spectrum of what Jesus did, we see that there is a great deal of responsibility that has been passed down to us.

Don’t worry or get stressed out because of the weight of this responsibility. This responsibility does not carry with it the drudgery or burden or guilt of much other responsibilities. This responsibility carries with it the gift of opportunity and freedom and creativity. This not something you “have” to be a part of, this is something you “get” to be a part of.

You get to do things in the now that will change the future of fellow human beings and the world we live in.  The issue that I see with most people can be boiled down to 1 word and that is “just”.  “Just” has become one of the most self undermining words in our rhetoric.

How many times have you heard someone say or maybe said yourself well…. I’m just….. I’m just a stay at home mom. I’m just an accountant. I’m just a bar tender. I’m just an employee. No you’re not! You’re anything but just a just. No matter where you find yourself, no matter what you’re job, no matter what your title or your position or the amount of power and authority you may or may not have you have the ability to change the future where ever you’re at.

Here’s what I mean. Everyone who works with, talks with, or interacts with people in any capacity has the ability to impact the future. You have the ability to change peoples lives through your words and your deeds.

As a parent you are raising the next generation. You are teaching them to be certain types of people. You are teaching them to think and see the world a particular way. These kids that you are teaching now will be the ones running companies and countries tomorrow. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome job. So to say something like “I’m Just a ….” completely takes away from what you have the ability to do.

Everyone who is doing a job has the ability to impact the future.  Well I’m just a sandwich artist.No way man. Do you even realize what you’re doing?  A sandwich artist has a multi faceted ability to impact things.

Let me break it down.

First of all you’re an artist. Own the title Jimmy.

Secondly, you’re giving a material and edible expression to the dietary desires of other human beings. That’s a big deal. They say you are what you eat. Then you Jimmy, are helping people become.  

Thirdly, by helping them express themselves and by helping them become, you are also putting fuel in the gas tanks of all of those will soon leave your sub museum and carry about their day where they will now have the energy to pursue one of the various forms of commerce in which most are engaged. You’re a part of keeping this whole thing moving forward.

Lastly, this doesn’t even include your ability speak into the lives of others as they pass through your line or your ability to inspire your patrons through the excellence and the mastery through which you create your art.

See… and you thought you were just making sandwiches.

No, no, no, Jimmy it’s so much bigger than that.

There was an old couple who gave me $100  to on a mission trip to Africa. They said they wished they could do more but it’s the best they could do and they said the reason they were giving the bit that they could was because they said they believed in me.  That didn’t change the whole world but it definitely changed mine.

There was a young couple who put $200 towards my college debt when I was a freshman because they said they believed I would help change peoples lives for the better. $200 towards a college debt is fairly insignificant but the impact of the words and the gesture have greatly shaped me and my calling and how I view myself in the world.

 I have good buddy that gave me a tree, he said I needed to learn about because this tree could help change the world. Less than a year later I find myself working towards helping to making the world a better place by teaching people and introducing people the benefits of this tree.

I could on and on here and I’m sure you could to about all the little steps along the way that have helped to form and shape you and your life and the lives of the people around you.

This is my point. All the little things that we think don’t matter, actually do. Because anytime your alter the now you change the future. Which means when Jesus invites us to follow him and he says you will do things greater, he’s inviting you to guide and shape the future.

He’s inviting you to pull us into an elevated reality in which everything is progressively getting better.  Feed people, heal people, love people, embrace people. Shape creation, care for creation, create good, create beauty, create the future through how you live and move now. What a beautiful thing we’ve been invited to be a part of.

Let me encourage you with the idea that you are way more that “just a….”.

Let me empower you to alter the now to shape the future.

Let us embrace the invitation to do things greater than the one who changed the world.

Let us execute an insane and ridiculously incredible calling. 

No pressure, but the future is counting on you.

– Affirm the good.