Are you strong enough to wonder? This is the question of the year that we introduced in our last post. My hope for myself and others is that this question will haunt 2019. That this year will be shaped and molded by this so much so that 2020 will feel the effects of it.

Which brings me to this thought. Did you know that our ability to wonder and be surprised and to pursue anything new is primarily related to the Hebrew people and the God of the Bible. 

Because of them we began to think of time as linear rather than cyclical. (here my other post about this) Thinking of time as linear rather than cyclical fundamentally changes how we view the world and ourselves and our purpose and what’s possible and everything else.  

For example… the idea that things can be new and different or that things can change. When time is cyclical nothing can really change it can only repeat. Which means that nothing can really be new or if something is new it’s viewed as bad. The highest goal is process not progress.  

This means, of course, that Kia motor company would not be welcomed in the world around the time of the Bible. Why you may ask? Well because when Kia motor company came to America in the early 90’s their slogan was “the power to surprise!”.  If I’m honest I never was big fan of this line. 

Like if there were a bunch of super heroes having a meeting at a bar and they were going around and introducing themselves and what their powers were…….. 

Hi.. I’m bird man. What’s your power? Well I can fly. Awesome 

Hi.. I’m metal girl. Cool, what’s your power? Well i listen to only 90’s speed metal and I have the power to bend metal with my mind. That’s incredible. 

Hi… I’m Kia man. What’s your power? I have the power…. (wait for it) …. To surprise!!!!  

What does that even mean? You hide behind stuff and wait for people to walk by and then you jump out at them? That’s your power? 

You’re out of the club Kia man. 

Either that or  it sounds like the underlying message with a tag line like “the power to surprise” is like “please try us, we don’t suck as bad as you think”. haha 

Which every way you want to go with it I’ve never been a big fan. But the good news about the whole thing, is that we live in world where surprises are possible. This might not seem like a big deal but it is. And the reason it is, is because we understand time as linear which means there is always potential for something new. We don’t have it all figured out. There could be something different around the corner. We could take our story in a new and different direction. There is margin and space to be surprised. It’s not just a big cycle of repeating and predetermined events. 

This means we have hope. This means we have a future that’s moldable. And if the future’s moldable you know what that means….??? 

It means that when you’re strong enough to wonder, when you’re big enough to dream, when you’re bold enough to see beyond the now, that you carry within you the potential for new. That you’re not a captive or a prisoner in any situation. You can chart a new course. That you can change your life and your world for the better. You get to participate in the ongoing creation of all things and have the gift of shaping what will be.

There’s this incredible verse where Jesus said this thing…..

John 14:12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 

I don’t believe that most Christians believe this.  We take this as a “that’s nice” type passage that we get to do good things to help others but that’s about it. 

Next time you’re at a church or a church gathering I dare you to get a handful of people around you and to say “I’ve got to tell you guys something important”. And as they all lean in to hear what you have to say, whisper…” I’m doing things greater than Jesus”.  And see what their response is. haha

So Jesus says …you will do greater things than him.  The guy who healed the sick, feed the poor, and raised people from the dead says… you will do greater things than him.

Do you think it would change anything in your life in your world or in your self if you lived with the idea that you have the ability to do things greater than Jesus?

Last week we asked if we are strong enough to wonder? This week the question is….

Ok, now what?

We live in world full of possibilities.  Each and every day is a new opportunity to better the self and better the world. We are not doomed or destined to endlessly repeat the same mistakes over and over again. We have the ability to alter the outcome of this whole thing. It won’t be easy, change never is.  And even when you’re doing the right things you can still get crucified for it, look at Jesus or try working in ministry. 

Are you strong enough to wonder? 

Ok great. 


Are you brave enough to alter the now in order to bend the future?

Not to over hype this but….. The future depends on you!.

Affirm the good.