I was watching a series on Netsplix or hamazon or phulu or whatever and there was this scene in which one character said something to another that I found fascinating.  

I don’t remember the exact phrase but as I’ve reworked the statement in my head it’s now transformed into a question that I’ve been wrestling with the past couple weeks. 

It’s a bold question that’s not for the faint of heart. 

The more I’ve thought through it the more profound the whole thing has become. 

The more I’ve thought through it the more I’ve realized that I want this question to drive my 2019. 

So here it is ….. 

Are you strong enough to wonder? 

This is a heavy one. 

Are you strong enough to wonder? 

Here’s why I love this question.  

Because most people aren’t. 

and ….

Because of everything that it implies. 

Are you strong enough to wonder? 

Are you big enough to dream? 

Are you bold enough to see beyond? 

Anyone can accept how things are. In fact many people do. Whether it’s our world, our government, our cities, our families, our self, our faith.  Many people live with the idea that how things are is how things are and that’s all it can ever be. The good the bad the ugly that we see is all that it can ever be. 

It’s easy just to let things be as they are. 

It takes people of great courage to step out of the what is and to begin to dream of better. Whatever that better may be. 

It takes people who are willing to risk the comfort of the now even if the now is not that comfortable because at least the current uncomfortable is familiar. To move beyond it is to move into the unknown and now matter how comfortable the beyond may be it’s still unknown which means there will be discomfort. 

It takes people with fortitude to swim against the current flow of thoughts, ideas, and realities. 

It takes people with a steel resolve to begin to see what’s possible. People who will give the time, energy, and resources to disrupting the everyday and upsetting the norm.

Are you strong enough to wonder?

Check out how wonder is defined: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Are you strong enough to wonder? 

Wonder is not concrete. It’s a bit wobbly. It’s a bit unsure. It’s a bit uncertain. There’s a bit of mystery to it.

Many people are uncertain of uncertainty which is why wonder can be so difficult. 

Are you strong enough to wonder?

To wonder is divine. Wonder should be our the natural state of our being. Have you seen the world we live in? People are learning and discovering new things all the time and there’s potential for you to do the same. 

Wonder should be our natural state of being. Especially if you believe in an infinite God who spoke things into existence. Because if that’s the case then everything that consists of and everything that is the created order should give us a glimpse into the heart and mind of the creator.

And if the finite creation is hinting at or pointing an infinite creator, the one who is beyond our ability to fully comprehend, then our wonder should never cease because the one we are finding our wonder in is endless. 

Are you strong enough to wonder?

Am I strong enough to wonder?

I don’t know if I am ….. but I know I’m going to try.

What about you?

Are you strong enough to step out of what is and work towards what could be?

Are you strong enough to wake up? 

Are you strong enough to dream of the beyond?

Are you strong enough to admire and stand in awe of unrealized potential?

Are you strong enough to find the light in the middle of the dark?

Are you strong enough to not be pessimistic?

My prayer for you is that you will find the strength to wonder.

Affirm the good.

– s