This week I learned one of the craziest Bible stats I’ve ever heard in my whole life. I’m pretty sure this will irritate many Christians because they don’t know what to do with it. It’s going to force us to really think through what we know and believe about the Bible as well as the nature of God.  


One of the most difficult things for Christians to do is to confront the ugliness of the Bible and there’s a lot of it. The Church has taught the Bible is not to be questioned but this causes endless problems when you really start to discover what’s in the Bible. 

 It makes many uncomfortable when you start coming face to face with what the Bible says about God and what we’ve been taught about the Bible and what the Bible says about God because more often then not they’re actually opposed to each other. 


Ok enough build up….. I know the anticipation is killing you and you’re on the very edge of your seat so here you go! 



In the Bible, God murdered more people than the devil. 



I know, it’s crazy, right?  

Is that even real? 



If you run through the entirety of the Bible and you keep count of all the people God is said to have killed directly and add in all the times God instructed other people to kill on his behalf his kill count goes through the roof. 


There are two different ways to calculate this. You can look at the actual numbers of what the Bible records and/or you take the actual number of what the Bible records and add an estimate of some of the undefined murder numbers. 


For example, the Bible doesn’t give a specific number about how many people were killed with the flood but scholars would argue that it could be anywhere between 10 million and 10 trillion. (These numbers also includes the killings in the book of the Maccabees.) 



So what kind of numbers are we talking? 



The number of people killed by God or for God in the Bible. 

  • using Biblical numbers only: 2,821,364

  • with rough estimates: 25 million

Number of People killed by the devil in the Bible.

  • using Biblical numbers only: 10

  • with estimates: 60


Wait, What? 




God: 2,821,364 / 25 million 

Satan: 10 / 60 



Are you sure we’re on the right side? 

How do we justify this? 

What do we do with this? 

I thought God was Love? 



I thought God was the good one and Satan was the bad one? 

I thought God was about saving and Satan was about destroying? 

Can we trust the Bible?  



Can we trust God? 

If this is true how does this affect what I believe about God? 

Isn’t this one of the craziest things about God and the Bible you’ve ever heard? 



How do you respond to this? 



Some people will immediately panic and reject all of this when they read it? 

Some people may even point their disgust at me for even bringing up the idea. 

Some people will shut down and tune out and refuse to believe this is actually in their Bible. 



That’s ok. If you don’t believe me you can go do the research yourself.

You see the problem is how we’ve been taught to handle and hold the Bible. We’ve been taught not to question or there are no issues or that everything’s perfect.

This idea becomes a really hard pill to swallow when you look at these kill numbers.


It raises the question….. God is Love? 



Maybe we need to learn how to carry this whole thing differently.

Maybe the violence that gets attributed to God wasn’t actually God’s doing.

Maybe the violence that gets attributed to God that wasn’t actually God’s doing is the exact reason why we need God.




I think we have 2 options.


  1. To continue to believe that the God, who the Bible says is love, is capable of murdering or inspiring the murder of 25 million people who were created in his image.

  2. To learn how to hold of all this differently and realize that the brutality of the people in the Old Testament supports all the more, the need for a God who is love and who calls us to love the way he does.


Let me know what you think?