I’ve recently done a couple of talks about the grace of God and for some reason I always have a handful of people that reach out to me wanting to verify my thoughts on Hell.



I feel like this is such a weird thing.


This post is more of a question than a statement. Because I honestly need someone to explain this to me.


Why are Christians so Hell bent on Hell?


Why are so many Christians so obsessed with Hell?


The minute you speak of Grace someone is waiting to ask “ya but what about Hell?”




I get so confused by this.


I’ve had people leave the church I work at because …. and I quote loosely “I talked to much about Grace”.


That’s a thing?


Isn’t Grace the good news? Then how can you talk about it to much? Why would people rather hear about a thing like Hell?


Unless that is, that we’ve missed the point of Grace?


I don’t talk much about Hell.


I also don’t talk about going to the dmv, which is very much a literal Hell.


I’ve never had someone say “tell me that dmv story again.”


I’ve never been at Disney with my kids having the time of their lives and had someone say “you know, this is way to much fun, can you tell me about the Nazi prison camps so I can be reminded about something terrible”.


So why do so many Christians make it their unofficial mission to promote and make Hell a central point of faith?


Here’s a couple more questions?


If Hell is metaphorical does it change how I live in the here and now?


If Hell is literal and it happens in the next life does it change how I live in the here and now?


If Hell is literal and it’s something we’re experiencing right now does is change how I live in the here and now?


If you could prove Hell exists without a shadow of doubt does it change how I live in the here and now?


If Hell as the church has talked about it for centuries (but not always by the way) didn’t exist does it change how I live?


I’m just not that concerned with whatever Hell is or isn’t.


I’m going to pursue the life that God has designed me for regardless of “Hell”.


That I may grow deeper in my understanding of the Divine.


That I may be secure in my own identity and understand of self.


That I may love others more deeply.


That I may take my role as a steward of creation seriously.


That I may live the best possible life I can.



I’m also not concerned with women’s fashion.



What does preaching, talking about, reminding people about,  and studying Hell actually do for anyone?


It makes people feel like they are right?

It makes people think they are better than others?

It makes people behave?

It makes people keep showing up to the church building and giving their money?



Here’s another question?

How do parents get their kids to love them and to know that they are loved?

Can you beat your child into loving you?

Can you threaten your kids into a deep relationship?

Can you get them to behave by reminding them how terrible they are and reminding them how good your are?


It’s all so very confusing …..

Please help me to understand why Christians are demanding Hell.



It’s like when McDonalds discontinued the Mc-rib.

It’s like Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte in the fall.

We want it and we want it now!

And if we don’t get it then all Hell will break loose.



I don’t get it.

I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing something.

Can you please help me?